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4 Simple Ways to Manage Your Arthritis Symptoms

Jul 31, 2018 by Comfort Keepers of San Marcos

Living with arthritis may make your life a little (or a lot) more challenging than it was previously.

Whatever form of the condition you have, one of the most burdensome symptoms is typically the pain.

Luckily, there are some simple, cheap and effective things you can do to manage this symptom, helping to improve your quality of life with arthritis:

Sweat it Out

You may have the assumption that exercising with arthritis will only make the pain worse, but research shows that this assumption is entirely false.

Low-intensity, stretch-focused exercises like Pilates or yoga are a great way to loosen up stiff joints, reduce inflammation and reduce pain levels, too. Look into classes at your local gym or senior center.

But Don’t Forget the Shoes!

Especially when exercising, but also in general, make sure you are wearing the right kind of shoes.

Perhaps in your younger years, you were able to buy cheap, unsupportive shoes and got by just fine, but now, they may cause your feet a great deal of pain.

When looking for more supportive shoes, be sure they have the following features:

  • Shock absorption
  • Extra cushioning (or buy individualized insoles for your foot shape)
  • Rubber soles

Sticking with this kind of shoe will also help reduce the risk of you falling in your home, as falls are the number one cause of hospitalization in seniors.

Try Out Different Forms of Pain Relief

If you don’t already use any pain creams or take any medications for your pain, highly consider looking into them. While they won’t get rid of your pain altogether, they can greatly reduce it, especially during really bad flare-ups.

Some creams are made specifically for arthritis and use an ingredient called capsaicin, which helps to “numb” the area of application to alleviate pain.

Over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can also help reduce inflammation, thereby reducing your pain, too.

Also consider taking a glucosamine supplement every day. This supplement helps to support joint health by reinforcing cartilage, which can greatly ease your pain and perhaps even increase your mobility in your stiffer joints.

Using heating packs/ice packs when needed is a great way to manage different pains, too!

Ask for/Hire Help

Remember that it’s okay to ask for help. It does not mean you are weak or incapable – we all need a helping hand now and then. And with arthritis, the symptoms may get to a point where it is rather burdensome and painful for you to do the things you used to be able to do with ease.

Reach out to a loved one and ask for some assistance throughout the week. Perhaps they can come and help you clean every Sunday, or assist with grocery shopping and meal preparation to ensure you have nutritious, ready-to-eat meals for the week.

If you are considering hiring professional help, call for a free consultation with your local Comfort Keepers today. They can assess your home and needs to ensure you get matched up with the right caregiver and plan of care to best serve you.

Bonus tip: Be Positive

Did you know that negative thinking can worsen any situation, including making your arthritis pain even worse? Having a positive mindset on your symptoms and capabilities with the condition can reduce both the duration and intensity of the pain.

Try getting better sleep at night, speaking with a professional about your negative feelings, or integrating meditation into your daily routine and see how powerful your mind can be when it comes to managing your arthritis symptoms.

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