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Ways to Find Out if Your Loved Ones are Depressed

Jan 3, 2019 by Comfort Keepers of San Marcos

Everybody feels down sometimes. The sadness might be rooted to any traumatic event like death, a divorce, or losing your job. Even something as happy as the birth of a child can make a mother feel moody or overwhelmed. With depression though, the symptoms last much longer and and the feeling of sadness is more severe than normal sadness. The hardest thing about depression is that it might strike anyone irrespective of their social, economic or emotional standing. Someone very close to you might be affected by it. The following steps can help you find out if your loved ones are depressed.

1. Loss of interest in things: This is the first symptom of depression where the affected losses interest in things that pleased them earlier. This condition which is known as anhedonia may not strike fully. Your loved one may gravitate from things that they easily enjoyed and required the least amount of effort.

2. Sleep difficulties: Having difficulty in sleeping is never a good symptom and at times act as a signal of depression. This may come in different forms – trouble falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night or early morning. Your loved ones might be seen wandering in a different room. Don’t take things personally. They aren’t necessarily avoiding you and might be suffering from some form of depression.

3. Eating changes: Another symptom of depression is a change in eating habit. One might eat too little or too much which leads to losing or gaining weight. 

4. Anger and irritability: For someone suffering from depression, it gets tough going through the say. Ordinary obstacles become way too difficult and lead to frustration. This is one of the most tell-tale signs of depression.

5. Expressing negative thoughts: Having negative thoughts is a cardinal symptom of depression. Your loved one might seem like a spoilsport putting a dampener on things by expressing their negative thoughts. It’s important to understand that they are not trying to make life difficult for others, but just fighting an inner battle of their own. 

6. Suicidal ideas: Expression of suicidal thoughts is one of the key identifiers of depression. They might express thoughts where they don’t care about living anymore. One should take such comments very seriously and help their loved one’s ward off such thoughts.

7. Loss of confidence: Depressed people often think of themselves in very low regard. If your loved one is eerily low on self-confidence, and pessimistic, then chances are high of them being depressed.

Once you suspect depression, make sure that your loved one receives treatment from a qualified person as the smallest of thing might trigger a big incident.

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